Sidera ( is the startup incubated and accelerated by the giant of technology IBM, which has decided to support the project from the beginning. In the design of the company, the two worlds of IoT and Blockchain coexist, with the aim of making payments in cryptocurrency accessible everywhere, through the DWD (decentralized wearable device).

SmartBit, Sidera’s revolutionary product, is a new idea of smartwatch and smart-band focused on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. The goal of this device is to provide its users with an easy, practical, innovative and safe way to manage the crypto environment. SmartBit allows people to receive, send and manage Bitcoin and any other cryptocurrency or ERC20 token directly from their wrist in a safe and functional way.

The support of partnerssuchasNexqo, Security Brokers and IBM testifies the worldwidesupport and the positive opinionsthatmakeits community biggerday by day. And the factthatSidera just reachedits soft cap, raisingalmost $3,500,000 is a clearconfirmation.

Bitrue ( anasianexchangeborn in 2018 by a group of blockchainenthusiasts, focused on cryptocurrency trading. With officesaround the world (Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, USA and Canada) itisone of the safestexchanges in the market. As the team says: “We dedicate to providingsafe and convenient service for cryptocurrency trading and being the best aggregator of qualifiedcryptocurrencyall over the world”.

Bitrue team is led by senior expertsthatrepresent the apex of theirprofessions, internationallyspeaking. Theseprofessionals, together with the high performance ordermatchingengine and the high security standard, made possibleachievingincredibleresults:


  • * sinceitslaunch, the overall volume of BTC and ETH traded on Bitrueis – respectively – $123,893,492 and $73,593,652;
  • * the monthlygrowthincreased of + 21.82% in August and +17.75% in September; ;
  • * the highestdaily volume hasbeen of $5,902,003; ;
  • * Bitruehas more than 60,000 activeusers trading on the exchange;

Starting from today, itispossible to tradeeQUOS/BTC, eQUOS/ETH, eQUOS/XRP.

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