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UAE is one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world and a great supporter of blockchain technology. According to His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum “The adoption of this technology will reflect on the quality of life in the UAE and will enhance people’s happiness levels,”.

He also said that the adoption of blockchain would help the government prepare for future challenges, save Dhs11bn ($2.99bn) “spent annually to provide and document transactions and documents”, free up 77 million hours of work, reduce government documents by 389 million and save 1.6 billion kilometers spent driving.

This technology will save time, effort and resources and enable individuals to conduct most of their transactions in a timely manner that suits their lifestyle and work.

The UAE plan includes four pillars focussing on citizen and resident happiness, government efficiency, advanced legislation and global entrepreneurship.

In line with Dubai strategy and vision, Centurion & Co. a Pioneering and Innovative Digital, Fintech and Blockchain Enabler in the region is proud to announce the launch of SettlemintMiddleware and Solutions in UAE.

The Offer intends to accelerate Blockchain Smart Contracts and use cases implementation in government and corporate organizations.

Centurion is investing in Blockchain Startup and innovations and advising several projects inKorea, Singapore, Lithuania, Malta, etc

Our approach is to bring know-how and best practices to implement blockchain transformation in Government and Large Corporations in-line of HisHighness vision.

Ali KASSAB, highlighted that : “Centurion &Settlemint; will be providing customisable Blockchain Middleware integrating Built-in Use Cases for Government and Incorporations such as


  •    1. Certification of documentation
  •    2. Government Data Management
  •    3. Energy and Utility Smart Contracts
  • 4. Etc.”


In order to encourage those projects and initiatives around Blockchain, Centurion is organising an Investment Forum, a premium Blockchain event that connect Blockchain companies with the brightest industry minds and the leading Investors in MENA region. Backed by Centurion & Co. UAE’s leading investment firm and blockchain growth promoter, this is the place where the future of Blockchain Industry is unboxed and brought to life.

CIF is hosting some of the most innovative Blockchain Solutions ranging from technology, government, advertising etc.


  1. 1. An unparallel and tested event platform.
  2. 2. Projects will get an equal opportunity to showcase their product to the best of the Blockchain crowd.
  3. 3. Each Project will get an excellent exposure at the forum for networking and connecting with the Investors.


You can have a look of the agenda and more details about the event clicking on the link here:http://centurionco.com/investor-forum/

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