Oct 18: CEO in Focus: Jaco Swanepoel

Founder & CEO at Natmin Pure Escrow PTY LTD | ICO Advisor

Posted on January 08, 2019, 5:50 am
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The CEO, Founder, and driving force behind the innovative new decentralized application Natmin Pure Escrow, Jaco Swanepoel is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with in the Blockchain world.

Mr. Swanepoel is the owner of the successful cloud application development company, Pixel Fix. With this company, he has attained extensive experience during the last 2 years working specifically with smart contract development on the Ethereum blockchain.

Mr. Swanepoel also has comprehensive knowledge of application development using different principles and methodologies, blockchain/ decentralized applications, website design, custom cloud applications, and mobile development.

Mr. Swanepoel’s latest venture, Natmin Pure Escrow, aims to revolutionize the Escrow world. Built on the Ethereum Blockchain, Natmin utilizes the highly lauded smart contract technology to implement and regulate Escrow transactions. In eliminating the human factor, Natmin has greatly reduced the immense transaction fees and potential for fraud that plagues conventional Escrow companies.

Online fraud is a serious problem; every prediction on its’ movements agree that it will only get worse and cost businesses, consumers, and the world, an ever-increasing amount of money. After personal bad experiences with conventional Escrow services and family members becoming victims of fraud, Mr. Swanepoel decided he wanted to “simplify the Escrow Industry and make it available and easy-to-use for the everyday person, who cannot afford to be scammed.”

He turned to blockchain to develop a decentralized Escrow service. Transactions and agreements made with blockchain technology cannot be altered, deleted or bribed, and will not execute unless all the conditions have been met.

The Natmin Token (NAT) is a digital token with a limited supply that powers the Escrow platform. It will be used to fund transactions between buyers and sellers, ensuring utmost security and peace of mind. It is built on the
widely used and accepted ERC20/ERC223 standard using the Ethereum Blockchain.


Boris Otonicar
Blockchain Advisor


Miikka Saloseutu
Strategic Marketing Advisor


Rebecca Swanepoel
Head of Marketing


Timo Trippler
Investment Advisor

For More Information: Visit https://www.natmin.io/