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How to raise more funds with Personal Branding

Posted on January 09, 2019, 6:55 am
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One of the most important European Growth Hacker and has helped 20 ICO to rise 18,000,000 € with these and many others techniques.

How to raise more funds with Personal Branding?

When a company launches an ICO, it does it with the will to find as much investors as possible. To raise more funds is essential to sponsor his own personal branding, using the only device that can achieve as many people as we can, which is Social Media Marketing use.

But, how is possible to raise more funds?

To obtain funds it’s necessary to convince investors about your project; in cryptocurrency world, investors are often ordinary people, that want to do a new experience. To convince investors is necessary “speak their language”, be able to make himself understood, with clarity, without a jargon.

Our personal branding, should adapt to the audience, in relation to the social used. Every user, in a specific social network, has a personal knowledge of ICOs. It’s essential, to promote our brand, using a plain language, that can be understood by experts and by people that’s approaching to the crypto, for the first time.

How to use Social Network to rise more funds

Medium is an international publication platform, where is possible to talk about our project, by addressing to a general public. The safe word, in this case, is detailed explanation in great detail, about the ICO project. The most important thing on medium it’s to find a way to boost the number of claps that should be around 3,500 per article to rise also the Google SERP beside the Medium chart.

Bitcointalk is a specific platform about bitcoin world. It’s the oldest and largest forum online dedicated to blockchain technology. This network is used by sector experts, so here there are many future investors, that can buy our tokens. Nothing cannot be left to chance, every news is to share on the network, making attention to ICO Trackers evaluation, which can be ever updated for bitcointalk users. The key of the success on a Bitcointalk campaign its to find a way to keep your posts always at the first place by encouraging users to comment and engage with others.

Reddit is a social news network where users, called redditors, can share an article or a post, in relation to their interests. ICO’s Reddit profile must be ever updated, to raise awareness about next steps of the project. In Reddit on of the trigger to keep you on the right wave it’s to get as many upvotes as you can

Linkedin is the social network for professionals in every sector. To rise more funds using our personal branding on this social, it’s essential to be professional, sharing news with an appropriate language. A new article have to have all information about ICO’s launching, about ICO’s date and about token sale. It’s necessary to have exhaustive information.

And finally there is Twitter, the instantaneous social network, with which is possible update all the world with a simple Tweet. On Twitter it is necessary to constantly supervise the ICO, giving updated news to followers. The tweets are essential to raise and to rise funds, because it’s need to be fast and to be trendy. The future investors are looking for the last news, don’t forget it!


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Moscow, Russian Federation

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Sep 2018 – Present

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