Dec 18: Revolutionizing the Online Shopping Experience for Fashion Lovers On Blockchain

Pozess is a groundbreaking marketplace that combines content curation, social sharing and digital marketing

Posted on January 07, 2019, 10:51 am
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Although we live in a digital age of social media, sharing photos and online shopping, there isn’t a single online vehicle that brings it all together in one place. In real life, shopping is all about discovery and the excitement of finding new products, and most shoppers either do not know exactly what they wish to purchase or they are not aware of the products that exist. At the same time, merchants and brands need to spend millions of dollars to grow a substantial audience, establish trust, and build a global brand presence.

“With the rise in mobile vertical fashion marketplaces, social commerce, and increasing adoption of DECENTRALIZED blockchain technologies and mobile applications, we believe there is a revolution brewing which will disrupt the $713 BILLION FASHION ACCESSORIES & APPAREL MARKET.”

Pozess launched its ICO Private Sale in December 2018 with a 50% token bonus for investors. The Pre-ICO Sale will go live on March 1st, 2019 and will end on March 31st, 2019 with a 25% bonus. During the ICO, from April 1st to June 30th, 2019, bonuses will gradually decrease from 20% to 5%. Total of 1.175 Billion PZS Tokens will be available, out of which only 740 Million tokens will be available for crowdsale (private/presale/ICO). No more tokens will be created and those unsold will be burned.

To ensure full transparency, the Pozess team has shared its alpha version with their users which can be accessed at

Disrupting Marketplaces

Pozess is a groundbreaking marketplace that combines content curation, social sharing and digital marketing into an application dedicated to shopping and selling fashion and lifestyle products. With a UX that delivers a more seamless customer journey than legacy apps like Pinterest and Instagram, the web and mobile application is dedicated to sharing photos and videos of luxury fashion and lifestyle goods, and instantly connects consumers with verified merchants that they invite to sell on the platform.

Unlike several digital offerings currently available that lack real substance, the POZESS Token Generation Event is an offering that is not built on just an idea or concept, but based on a functional product with a well thought out business plan and backed by an experienced team that has spent the past 3 years in market research, developing an MVP, building a user community and getting user feedback.

However, unlike typical social media channels, Pozess was built to combine social sharing with online shopping into what Pozess is calling “social shopping”. The core mission of Pozess is to share the value created by the ecosystem and community. Central to this and to their tokenization offerings is gamification of the overall experience and the crypto token (PZS) rewards that users receive for taking part in network-building activities such as liking, sharing, and commenting on photos.

The PZS coin can be used to purchase goods and services within the platform. The token reward system coupled with the utility of the token allows consumers, and businesses to create a selfsustaining transactional value system.

At its core, Pozess is a full service marketplace that provides automatic storefront creation, international shipping, ease of listing, promotion tools, automated smart contract based payment process, omni-channel marketing and verified reviews making it attractive to businesses.

Between social commerce and traditional commerce, there is a huge void that no one is filling today. No app, website, or platform helps consumers discover fashion & lifestyles inspirations driven by their tastes and choices while tapping the power of social media behavior to automate the process of connecting merchants with consumers, which is the most effective way brands can find their audience.

The Team

Naomi Cosman

Co-founder and CMO, Pozess

Naomi spearheads the marketing, growth strategy and execution in her role as CMO at Pozess. She is an entrepreneur with a background in marketing strategy, product branding, and consumer experience. She currently sits on the board of a non-profit modern dance company in New York City and works with the owner to ensure all branding is aligned with the owner’s vision. Naomi believes that what the Pozess team has created is extraordinary and she is excited to be a part of something revolutionary while growing the Pozess brand into a household name. She has jumped into her role as CMO with fervor, bringing new ideas and marketing experience to the team, with a clear goal of developing the voice of Pozess and establishing a true brand identity. Naomi oversees creative execution, social media and digital strategy, copywriting, and PR, among other things.

In an effort to give back for what she believes is her good fortune in life, Naomi volunteers for the Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York organization, and has enjoyed every moment of being the “big” and mentor to a sweet twelve year old girl.

Christian Herrero

Co-Founder & CSO, Pozess

As the Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder of Pozess, Christian plays a leadership role in all aspects of the business, with a special focus on strategic partnerships, International Growth, and finance, from company financial leadership to external fundraising. He has a proven executive management track record and over 20 years of experience growing companies and leading their International expansion, driving sales growth in the technology industry. Christian founded two companies focused in the Solar Energy Industry in Developing countries mainly in Africa.

He was the EMEA & ROW CEO of Solfocus Inc, a venture backed solar energy, company based in Mountainview, CA. As an International Managing Director of Leading top five Spanish Solar Energy Manufacturer ISOFOTON, he was instrumental in growing the company from being a $10 million revenue company to a company in 2008 with >600 million in Revenue. He earned his Bachelor of Science (Bsc with Honours) with Honours in Technology Management at Oxford Brookes University whose Advanced Management Programme at #1 rated by Financial Times Business School IESE. He speaks 3 languages and has taught many years students at the Iacocca Institute from Lehigh University.

Richard Shibi

Pozess Advisor, Pozess

Richard Shibi has more than 15 years of experience in the IT industry. He has served as a senior management consultant and a regional account executive for IT projects deployed at global scale in the Telecommunication industry (North America, Europe, Russia, Middle East, China & South Africa).

Richard is currently studying MBA at Imperial Collage Business School in London, running a Blockchain consultancy start-up in Europe, serving as a Blockchain Innovation Director for the Swiss company Aryxe Group, and is as a board member and Blockchain Consultant for several startups around the world Richard’s main focus currently is to help entrepreneurs from the Technology sector to run a successful start-up, from the point of registering a legal entity, all the way to rolling out a successful product or a service. Richard’s past experience and vast network is a priceless asset to any entrepreneur who is seeking a mentor to make a measurable difference for their startup.

Chai Shephard

ICO Advisor, Pozess

Chai has a background in management and UI design / Front-end development, an Entrepreneur, Blockchain and AI enthusiast. With his solid technological background and strong business connections he leads the IT and development projects of PLAAK.

Chai was an early Crypto Currency investor and has a vast amount of academic and business connections. Chai is heavily involved with building business relationships internationally with key contacts to decision makers.

He once said to change the world you need and idea, to create they idea you need a team, to gather that team you need to be connected. Chai is connected to several investor groups worldwide.

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